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Sewer leakage is no laughing matter, especially when you consider the potential cost.

If you think traffic troubles and backups on the expressway are annoying enough, then you haven’t experienced a backed-up sewer or water line! Sewer leaks, backups, and sewer line damage in your home or business often create a mess and can be a nightmare. That’s why you can count on Einstein Plumbing and Heating when you are suspecting a septic mainline or drain clog.

We have the best Oregon drain cleaning service. Whatever your drain problem is — clogged kitchen and clogged bathroom lines, clogged mainlines, sewer line drain & septic cleaning, sump pump repair, hydro jetting, clogged garbage disposal drain, video camera line inspection, sewer line replacement, waterlines, pipework, rain drains, sewer pipe repair, and construction. Our skilled drain plumber and sewer cleaner will help unclog all clogged drains and fix every problem.

Sewer Mainline Services

Sewer and Mainline Repairs

Our equipment does not only unclog plugged up drains, but they are also specially created to gently brush the inner part of your lines for maximum flow and enhanced performance. The techs in Einstein Plumbing and Heating will handle all your problems even for emergency needs, we offer services for all your unclogging problems. Contact us now, and our expert drain and water plumbers are waiting to serve you.

Einstein Plumbing and Heating offers full service of plumbing, heating and air conditioning, water heaters, and sewer and mainlines to Central Oregon and surrounding areas. We look forward to being your trusted and one-stop solution plumbing service contractor. Einstein Plumbing and Heating always strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every job we do.

Don’t let a sewer line issue disrupt your family or business any further. If you need any help for your sewer or mainlines, we can handle all of the maintenance, repairs, or need a complete sewer installation you can depend on us. Our trained and experienced sewer repair professionals use the right equipment to both diagnose and correct problems with sewer systems. We are here to take care of your needs and get back your sewer system in tip-top shape again.

Repairing the main line in your infrastructure is certainly not the cheapest operation, and it is possible that there is more than one problem simultaneously. Unless you call on a repair team that understands how to minimize your cost, you could end up paying more for a problem that could have been fixed with a simpler solution.

Fortunately, there are some initial actions you can take before calling in a professional to help locate the problem and take more personal control of the situation. Here are some of the initial signs of a main line leak and a sewer leak that will help direct your repair efforts.

Symptoms of Main Line Leaks

  • If you have an unusually expensive water bill, then you may have a leak. The extra water is usually leaking outside of the home into the soil or draining outside. An outsized bill is definitely something to double check, so keep your bills to compare
  • If you notice a huge drop in your water pressure, then you may have a main line leak. The pressure comes from the water building in the pipeline, and if there is a leak, then there is no opportunity to build that pressure.
  • If you have large cracks in your yard or patio pavement, you should look into a leak. Water is quite powerful over time, and it can shift the soil and expand building materials, causing cracks.
  • If you see water that puddles in a single area, you can bet on the main line leak. You may even see water bubbling up through the soil in an especially bad case.
  • If you hear pipes making noise in the house, then you should look for a leak.

Symptoms of Sewer Line Leaks

  • If you have a yard or basement that is suddenly pooling water, especially if that water has a foul smell, you have escaped sewage.
  • If your sewage leaks, it may get under the soil and form bulbous mounds that look like ant hills because the soil is moving upwards.
  • If you hear noise in your drains and cannot get rid of bad smells around your house, this could mean there is a buildup that is disallowing the sewage in your pipes to move.
  • Spots of water that form on cement or in your carpeting are worth a second look, especially if you find this symptom taking place in your basement.
  • If your water takes a long time to drain, especially if they are all backed up simultaneously, then you have a huge indicator that something is wrong.

What Can I Do?

For the most part, you will have to call a professional to deal with main line and sewage leaks, depending on how deep the leak is. You will likely have to dig up some pipes. Although there is a technique known as “trenchless repair” that does not involve digging, it can be more expensive depending on where the leak is.

Depending on how large the crack in the pipe is, you will have to apply one or more gaskets and clamps after finding the leak. If the leak is too large or if there are multiple leaks, then you may have to replace some of the piping. The older that your home is, the more likely that you will have to replace pipes. The cast iron and copper that were used before 1974 are less durable than modern PVC pipes, which can withstand much more punishment before they finally crack.

If your yard has trees everywhere, then you may have a higher prevalence of main line or sewer problems. The roots of your trees are very strong, and they are always moving. If they move into your pipes, then you will likely have a problem. Pipes will move before the roots of a full grown tree.

Although you may want to take care of all of this yourself, you will likely need a professional with the right kind of professional leak detection equipment, especially if you are looking to reduce the cost of the operation. We are here to help you find the most affordable solution, so call us!

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