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Our plumbers and technicians are skilled at inspecting the potential for frozen pipes and can create a recommended plan of action in preventing frozen pipes and water supply lines before the onset of cold weather.

We will work hard to prevent mold and repair other secondary water damage that your home get after pipe bursts. If you have plumbing problems with frozen pipes, our Oregon plumbers will help you solve them to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Frozen Pipe Prevention and Repair Services – The harsh winter cold combined with wind chill creates a strong risk of burst or frozen pipes. Freezing water changes to ice within the pipe, which can expand and block the line. This blockage can make excessive pressure throughout the system and cause pipe failure in weak places – regardless if the pipe is composed of plastic, steel or copper. The results of frozen water pipes can cause property damage, high repair costs, and disorder of business. At Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we provide prompt, professional frozen pipe repair services whenever you need them.

Frozen Pipes Repair Services

What are the Prevention Tips for Frozen Pipes?

As a preventive measure, it is necessary to take steps to protect your plumbing from the risks this season may bring.

Tip 1: Insulate your Pipes: One primary preventive measure you can take in securing your plumbing toward a cold winter is to guarantee that all exposed pipes are well insulated.

Tip 2: Repair All Plumbing Leaks: The smallest leak in your plumbing can transform into a major problem when temperatures drop below freezing. Examine all exposed pipes, indoors and out, for a plumbing leak.

Tip 3: Maintenance of Water Heaters: Water Heaters are necessary when the fall and winter season comes. Taking time to ensure that your water heater is correctly functioning will guarantee that it is in good shape.

Tip 4: Proper Disposal Usage: Oil, grease, and fats make your food tasty. They are also terrible for your drain. It’s even serious when it’s cold, making it more likely that oily substance will clog and harm the blades in your garbage disposal.

Tip 5: Outdoor Hoses & Pipes: Remove residual water from hoses, spigots, and outdoor pipes, and eliminate garden hoses before the cold weather arrives. If a garden hose is left connected, frost can form, and pressure can build up in the water lines inside your home.

What To Do If You Have Frozen Pipe?

The initial sign of a frozen pipe was when you experienced lessened or no water flow at a faucet. Here is some easy advice to follow if you encounter this after freezing weather.

  • Shut off the main water valve to the house and leave the faucets open
  • DO NOT use some open flame to attempt to thaw the exposed and visible pipe.
  • DO NOT use any hair dryer or electric heater to thaw the frozen pipes directly.
  • Gradually warm the entire room or crawl space where the frozen pipes are placed. (Be aware of the leaks as the pipes thaw and return to full flow.)

If you experienced frozen water pipes, contact our Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling plumbing experts, who use the pipe-thawing equipment. Call 888-671-7767, or email to schedule your plumbing check up today.

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