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At Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we have the skills and expertise needed to repair, replace, maintain, and install a new faucet and sink fixtures of any style and brand. Whether wall-mount, self-rimming (drop-in), under mount, pedestal, or vessel, our team of expert plumbers will make sure your new faucet and sink are perfectly installed.

When to replace your faucet?

The initial sign that one’s faucet may need replacement or repairs is when it’s either fails to shut off or turn on (frozen) all the way where most likely the valve within it has broken, or the threads within it have been stripped. When the faucet starts to leak and waste your precious water due to its interior valve not holding the water flow or when the handles fail to turn all the way are all visible signs that your faucet has seen better days and needs to be replaced.

From inspection, replacement, installation to routine maintenance, our expert plumbers will help you choose the best faucets that suit you and your home. We offer an array of services to keep that water running!

Faucet Replacement and Repair Services

What are the signs of faucet damage?

Faucet damage can come in various forms. One of the first symptoms of damage to a faucet is if it has corrosion. Corrosion on a faucet can result from water disposits and minerals not being washed off.

Corrosion can eventually occur to all faucets, and if the faucet is not maintained properly and kept clean, it can lead to small holes throughout the fixture. An additional sign of a damaged faucet is if the handles on the faucet do not shut off or turn on where the result is either running water or no water when the faucet’s handle is set in an off position, this can also happen vice-versa. Our services for Bellevue plumbing, Seattle plumbing, Spokane plumbing, Tacoma plumbing, Vancouver plumbing, and Las Vegas plumbing will promptly diagnose and fix the problem before it turns into an emergency.

How can you avoid your faucet from being broken in the future?

Installing high-quality faucet or sinks with at least a five-year warranty is a good start for a homeowner to avoid faucet problems in the future. In essence, you get what you pay for when one purchases a faucet.

When it comes to preventative maintenance for stopping a broken faucet or build-up sediment, a homeowner should annually remove the handles and expose the valves of a given faucet and clean them with a mix of vinegar and baking soda to remove any sediment. If your faucet’s gaskets appear worn, then replace them and any other worn components.

In need of a repair, replacement, or new installation of any type, kind, or brand of a faucet and sink fixtures? Contact Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling of Oregon, we are here to provide solutions for your plumbing problem.

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