Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Einstein Plumbing and Heating maintenance and tune-up services is designed to optimize the efficiency of air conditioning systems by correcting the airflow, adjustment for efficient refrigerant charge, and proper duct testing and sealing. Having a properly maintained AC unit means having a well running cooling system that can save you more money in the future.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

To keep you air conditioner running in peak performance provides a lot of benefits specially for accurate cooling and comfort with added energy savings. A poorly-maintained system creates irregular wear on your AC system components which can be costly in the long run.

New AC systems that are set-up or installed incorrectly will also run below peak performance.  Einstein Plumbing and Heating provides professional air conditioner maintenance services. Here are the benefits of having a properly tuned AC system:

  • Decrease your energy consumption and cost by improving the efficiency of your A/C system.
  • Reduction of cold air leakage from the duct system, which also saves you money.
  • Improve air control and maximize comfort.
  • Avoid constant costly repairs and replacements.

Einstein Plumbing and Heating Air Conditioner Services:

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Tune-Up Services

You get a more efficient air conditioning system with Einstein Plumbing and Heating maintenance services. Our AC tune-up service also reduces cool air that is loss through your duct system. Our technicians will optimize your cooling system to be more energy efficient while minimizing the amount of time your equipment operates.

Airflow Testing and HVAC Refrigerant Charge

Our reliable, trained, and skilled HVAC technicians utilize computerized diagnostic equipment to test the operation of your air conditioner system. Our technicians tunes up your air conditioner, adjusting the airflow to its standard settings and making sure refrigerant charge is sufficient. We also replace the AC systems air filter and clean the air filter. Our maintenance service is designed to keep your air conditioner running in high efficiency.

Duct Sealing and Duct Testing

Einstein Plumbing and Heating HVAC technicians will check your air conditioner for leaks. Air leaking out of your duct system will reduce cooling performance and increase energy usage. Our technicians will seal any leaks from the AC duct to maintain top comfort from your home cooling system.

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