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Einstein Plumbing and Heating has decades of experience in the plumbing and HVAC industry. Our reliable and licensed HVAC technicians are experts in the inspection of any heater systems in Bend, Oregon.

Our heating inspection services guarantee your equipment is working safely and not leaking hazardous carbon monoxide into your residence or commercial space. Einstein Plumbing and Heating preventive maintenance also give you the advantage of saving money save by maximizing performance and reducing costly failures. When your heater is in excellent condition and properly maintained, there is protection in your appliance warranty.

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Bend Heating Inspection Services

We rely on our furnace to keep our home conveniently warm during cold weather or winter season. With this in mind, an annual furnace inspection from a trusted and professional HVAC technician is essential. Getting a furnace heater inspection for our home gives us some significant benefits.

  • A properly maintained furnace will operate efficiently and will reduce fuel and energy consumption and decreases your yearly heating costs.
  • An annual tune-up by an equipped and skilled HVAC technician can help prolong the life of your heating appliance by stopping undesirable damage to essential system elements.
  • While a routine maintenance appointment, our HVAC technician can recognize and detect issues before they progress into further pressing problems that demand costly repairs or replacements.
  • Routine maintenance can help prevent safety issues, such as the danger of fire, and the hazards posed by harmful gas fumes, and dangerous carbon monoxide exposures.

It is advisable to get your yearly home heating inspection completed before the onslaught of winter or cold weather. 

All types of gas or combustion-driven heating systems must undergo examination, and this includes oil-fired hot-water boilers, as well as propane forced-air systems, baseboard floor heating, and oil-fueled forced-air systems. If you need more information regarding our heater inspection services, call us today at (541) 420-8888.

Einstein Plumbing and Heating journeyman plumbers are ready to serve any residential and commercial customers in Bend, Oregon.

Furnace Heater Inspection Services

The routine steps for the furnace heater inspection can differ, but as a standard practice, you should expect that a skilled professional HVAC technician will include some of these following tasks:

  • Check for leaks or blockages in the vent system.
  • Inspect capacitors for visible rust or leakage.
  • Examine readily open ducts for visible air leaks.
  • Total operations sequence check.
  • Check crankcase heater for proper maintenance.
  • Air filtration system inspection.
  • Inspection and Cleaning of the blower wheel.
  • Filter replacement inspection.
  • Check unit wiring and electrical disconnections.
  • Inspect and calibrate thermostat as needed.
  • Check furnace gas connections and lines for leaks.
  • Examine temperature rise over the heat exchanger for overheating.
  • Examine heat exchanger for rust, corrosion, sooting, cracks, damages, and malformations.
  • Inspect burner combustion system and assembly.
  • Examine gas valve for leakages, damage, limitation of gas flow and unusual noises.
  • Check and adjust if required high limit control.
  • Examine and adjust manifold gas pressure.
  • Check blower and motor and record AMP.
  • Check furnace/boiler line assembly for unsecured connections.
  • Test and adjust the unit for top operating efficiency.
  • Inspect flue and venting for obstructions and leaks
  • Inspect entire furnace/boiler heater for movable or deteriorated parts and irregular vibrations.
  • Inspect carbon monoxide emission level.
    Check heat pumps defrost cycle and reversing valve performance.
  • Tighten heat pumps screw lug terminals in condensing unit.
  • Inspect heat pump refrigerant level.
  • Check heat pump proper operation of emergency heat system.

Bend Heater Inspection Information

All furnace heater manufacturers recommend regular maintenance and annual inspections by a licensed and qualified HVAC technician.

The warranty on your furnace also indicates that damage to the unit caused by incorrect maintenance will void the warranty.

HVAC technicians and contractors will provide preventive maintenance to increase proper safety operations of your furnace heating system.

The importance of getting annual inspections and regular maintenance is avoiding problems and issues that may happen to your heating unit. It is advisable to keep your furnace in top shape to prevent costly repairs and emergency service costs.

If you need help in preserving your furnace heater and have it in excellent condition, call now.

Our Professional Bend Heating Inspection Service

When winter and cold weather begins, you need to be sure that your furnace heater is in excellent working condition. Many things can go bad with your furnace, and it serves many valuable purposes.

Hiring a professional HVAC technician to do a careful inspection of your heater and other heating components will help to keep your home comfortable and safe.

Einstein Plumbing and Heating provides annual inspection and regular maintenance for your furnace heater. Give us a call today!

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